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We share with you our new ideas as they develop.


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in BCL's News

We share with you our new ideas as they develop.


bcl logo graphicA1 & A2 Rated Fire Resistant Wood Panels

Deliver Class A1 or Class A2 (EN13501-1) classified fireproof cladding in beautifully realistic Aluminium faux wood effect finishes with the BCL 'TIMBER EFFECT' range.

Underground stations, external linings of residential & instituional buildings over 18m tall (Approved Document B), or large station concourses are just some of the building regulatory examples that will demand fully fire resistant wood walls & ceilings. 

The BCL 'TIMBER EFFECT' range has been designed to provide a range of beautiful Aluminium non-combustible wood finishes using an incredibly tough Polyurethane Powder Coating system to create the varied and accurate look of natrual timber, in a fully inert fire resistant faux wood effect material. 

BCL also offer fire testing with UKAS accredited laboratories on all of our panel systems, ensuring compliance with Approved Document B and any other prevailing fire codes. Our fire testing services ensure you can deliver EN13501-1 tested faux wood effect non combustible finishes and compliant timber effect panels with full testing reports and data for commercial fire assessment.

fireproof cladding by BCL using Aluminium faux wood slat panels

Fireproof Cladding & Non Combustible Faux Wood Benefits

Benefits of BCL ‘Timber Effect’:

  • 35+ years colour durability externally
  • Non-combustible A1/A2 rated fire classifications achievable
  • Non-hydroscopic (unaffected by moisture)
  • Dimensionally stable (will not twist or distort like timber)
  • 75% recycled content Aluminium available


This Aluminium fire resistant wood effect option is an ideal solution for the following situations:

  • Large public / civil / residential projects that require non-combustible wood finishes
  • Projects wanting to avoid fire assessment / testing of composite timber panels
  • Projects primarily concerned with timber colour longevity
  • Designs that push limits of timber (ie large sections, long unsupported spans, zero movement etc)

image showing range of timber species


The PPC coating system used on our Aluminium Non Combustible TIMBER EFFECT has a range of realistic fire resistant wood effect options in varied tones, offering exceptional external durability and moisture resistance.  

More information can be found by downloading our Timber Effect PDF below or simply contact us directly.


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