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Timber Slatted Ceiling at Sackler Centre
Internal Ceilings

V & A Museum, The Sackler Centre

Project Details

  • Client
    Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Architect
    Softroom Architects
  • Contractor
  • Size
    300 sqm
  • Location
  • Duration
    10 weeks
  • Completion
Project Details

Siberian Larch
FSC Certified
Secret Fixings
Curved/ wave feature
Attenuation panels

The construction of the new Sackler Centre provides state-of-the-art workshops and education areas for visitors of the V&A Museum . A critical design feature of this project was the undulating wooden slatted ceiling and timber slatted walls that run throughout the lecture theatre and around the main foyer of the building. The intricate design involved various curved elements at very tight radii, making traditional approaches highly impractical.

The ceiling also runs at low levels and thus was subject to human contact. Siberian Larch therefore was the recommended species of timber as whilst fulfilling the aesthetic goals set by Softroom, it provided a hard wearing and cost effective solution.

Timber Slatted Ceilings at the V&A Museum

V & A Museum, The Sackler Centre

BCL wooden slatted panels to walls and ceilings at the Sackler Centre

V & A Museum, The Sackler Centre

Timber slatted walls at V&A Museum

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