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Timber Panels with in-built INFECTION CONTROL


BCL have recently launched a ground-breaking new ANTI-MICROBIAL coating for our acoustic wood panels, which when paired with our unique anti-viral fabric creates an acoustic timber panel system that provides lasting INFECTION CONTROL without any maintenance whatsoever! 

Silver ion technology is built into both our fabrics and now a unique timber coating, to provide wooden slat panels that fight bacteria and viruses on surface contact.

BCL timber panel with silver ion coating

Not only ideal for Healthcare environments, but also any high use office or public buildings, where a level of lasting infection control will provide significant value to the building and its users. The BCL system allows you to deliver beautiful wooden slat walls and acoustic wood ceilings that will effectively fight bacterial and viral spread, limiting risk and elevating the value delivered to the end client. 

BCL timber slat silver ion coatings

Low level wall areas subject to regular contact or 'touch points' provide significant risk in high use buildings for infection and disease spread and in a post pandemic world, the consideration of infection control in building design will be ongoing and part of our future built environment. 

For more information on our Anti-viral coatings and options we have for delivering timber slat walls and wood slat ceilings that provide lasting infection control, please contact us today! 

BCL Timber Ceilings on-site at N2 in London


BCL have begun installation of the beautfiul acoustic wooden slatted ceiling at the N2 site in the heart of Victoria. Formerly known as Nova East, the N2 is the latest addition by LandSec to their mammoth Nova masterplan, which brings multi-use mixed development workspaces to the rejuvenated area of the West End.

BCL timber slat ceiling at N2 in London.jpg

The acoustic wood ceiling selected uses Seet Chestnut in a Class B acoustic configuration and makes use of BCL's unique 3-D BIM ready design dperatment, with its complex and interconnected mutli-plane geometry. 

The project is a great example of the unique design flexilibty of a BCL system over the vast array of 'off the shelf' panels on the market. The BCL acoustic timber panel system allows for the potential creation of many panel sizes, all prefabrictaed so there is no cutting or shaping of panels on site... this vastly reduces on site waste and installation time. 

BCL wood slat ceiling at N2 in London.jpg

The wooden slat ceiling also falling under Approved Document B regulation was full systems fire tested at one of BCL's UKAS accredietd testing partners and acheived full classification of class B-s2,d0.
BCL have been partnering with Lucas fit-out to deliver this timber slat ceiling for Mace Construction on this prestigious project and are proud to have our acoustic wood panels as the system of choice once again. 
Click here to visit LandSec and read more on the Nova Masterplan
Click here to visits Lynch Architects and read more on N2 Nova East design.
Non-combustible Aluminium TIMBER EFFECT.... Now Available!


BCL have just released a unique ground-breaking solution for non-combustible requirements when it comes to fire resistant wood effect finishes .... our new Alumimium PPC TIMBER EFFECT. This unique prodcut delivers realistic fire proof timber finishes in our same BCL market-leading panel system, but only using inert non-combustible materials throughout.



Our faux wood slats are made from a unique Polyurethane coated Aluminum that offers several significant performance advantages over solid wood slatted panels.
Combined with our range of unique full colour woven fibreglass fabrics, to deliver beautiful acoustic timber panels OR wood slat ceilings that perform to A1 or A2 non-combstible Reaction to Fire classification (in accordance with EN13501-1) .  

Benefits of BCL ‘Timber Effect’ Aluminium

  • 35+ years colour durability externally
  • Non-combustible A2/A1 fire classifications achievable
  • Non-hydroscopic (unaffected by moisture)
  • Dimensionally stable (will not twist or distort like timber)
  • 75% recycled content Aluminium available

To find out more about the new BCL Fire Resistant TIMBER EFFECT range, please click here - or alternatively, feel free to contact us directly. 

BCL Start Installation of Timber Ceiling at 8 Bishopsgate


BCL have recently begun installation of the beautiful new acoustic timber slat ceiling system to the reception space at 8 Bishopsgate in London, on behalf of Brown & Carrol and working in partnership with Lendlease...

Architects impression of BCL timber acoustic wood panels on the ceiling at 8 Bishopsgate

The project, designed by the renowned Wilkinson Eyre Architects and their largest in London, is set to be the UK's tallest structure to acheive a BREEAM 'Outstanding' Rating and uses and array of design principles to help reduce CO2 consumption and the building's overall footprint. The BCL acoustic timber slat ceiling system itself uses solid FSC® certified wood slat panels in Sweet Chestnut and delivers Class C acoustic performance and is full systems fire tested to EN13501-1, acheiving Euroclass B-s2,d0 classification. A key design requirement was to develop a grid detail for the acoustic wooden slatted ceilings that allowed for easy access to lighting terminals and sprinkler equipment, whilst also fitting into a very tight service void.

You can view more on this exciting development by visiting the project's own website or also at the Wilkinson eyre website page