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Timber Slat Walls at Winchester College Sports Hall & Swimming Pool

Winchester Sports College is a new construction project that has been making waves in the construction industry for its innovative use of BCL timber slat panels. The project features beautiful solid wooden slatted panels that have been installed throughout adding a unique aesthetic to the overall design. These wooden slatted walls have been specifically designed to meet the demands of modern construction, where sustainability and environmental responsibility are becoming increasingly important.

One of the key benefits of BCL timber panel systems are their ability to reduce on-site waste. Unlike alternative 'off-the-shelf' panels that require cutting and on-site modification, resulting in a large amount of waste during installation, the use of BCL wooden slatted panels ensures little to not cutting on site. This results in much less waste and a more sustainable construction process overall. 

BCL wooden slatted walls at Winchester Sports Centre

In addition to reducing waste, BCL wood panels also offer a much more environmentally friendly option compared to other less sustainable products. The carbon comparison between solid timber and other materials (eg. MDF, Gypsum, HPL, etc) shows that timber panels have a much lower carbon footprint, making them a far more sustainable option for construction projects. This is due to the fact that timber is a renewable resource and can be sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Overall, the use of BCL wood slat walls in the Winchester Sports College construction project highlights the benefits of sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices. The use of timber slatted panels not only adds a unique aesthetic to the building but also helps to reduce waste and minimise the carbon footprint of the construction process. 

For more information on how BCL’s wood slat panelling can enhance your project, please contact us today on 01189 344 155. 

Stunning BCL Timber Ceilings at Nova East in London


Nova East in London is a stunning example of how BCL timber slat ceilings can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space while also providing high-performance acoustic benefits. The use of BCL wooden slatted panels creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to the entrance area, that is both visually striking and functional. Our timber slat panels are highly flexible in terms of panel size, which allows architects to realise their design goals while minimising waste.

One of the major benefits of using BCL's solid wood slatted panels is their high level of acoustic performance. Our panels are perfect for environments where noise reduction is a priority, such as in offices, schools, or healthcare facilities. The slatted design of the BCL wood ceilings helps to absorb sound waves, minimising echoes and creating a comfortable environment for people to work or study in.

BCL wood slat ceilings at Nova East in London

Another significant advantage of using BCL wooden slat panelling is their sustainability credentials. These panels are fully FSC and PEFC certified, which means they come from responsibly managed forests. Additionally, the use of timber in construction has a low embedded carbon footprint, which helps to minimise the environmental impact of the building.

Overall, BCL timber slatted panels and wooden slat ceilings offer numerous benefits, including high acoustic performance, reduced waste, flexibility in panel sizes, and a commitment to sustainability. These attributes make them a smart choice for any construction project, including the Nova East project in London.

For more information on how BCL’s wood slat ceilings can enhance your project, please contact us today on 01189 344 155. 

Beautiful Timber Slatted Ceilings at 8 Bishopsgate


The internal reception space at 8 Bishopsgate is now starting to really come together with BCL acoustic wood panels, laid in overlapping intersecting planes, to create one of the most beautiful feature timber slat ceilings in London.

This beautiful design by Architects Wilkinson Eyre features solid Sweet Chestnut, pressure impregnated to create a wooden slatted ceiling system that has been fully tested and performs to Class B-s2,d0 in accordance with EN13501-1.

BCL wood ceilings are all been prefabricated in BCL’s ISO 9001 accredited factory, integrating all lighting and services – with timber slat panels sized according to the Architects layouts, so there is little to no cutting on site, reducing on site waste and maximising project efficiency.

BCL wooden slatted ceilings at 8 Bishopsgate

BCL wooden slatted panels offer a wide range of finishes, fabrics, fire performances and the very highest acoustic performance – helping projects deliver beautiful wooden slat walls and solid timber ceilings that work perfectly with design intent, whilst meeting all relevant performance criteria.

For more information on how BCL’s wood slat panelling can enhance your project, please contact us today on 01189 344 155. 

BCL Wood Ceilings taking shape at N2 Nova East 


BCL timber slat ceilings have now been fully installed and bring to life the internal mixed use reception space at N2 Nova East. Our acoustic wood panels feature centre stage in this beautiful new scheme, as part of Landsec's 'Nova' masterplan, rejuvenating this area of Victoria, London. 

Fully tested to Euroclass B-s2,d0 in accordance with EN13501-1, the wooden slatted ceiling system uses solid Sweet Chestnut and will provide Class C acoustic performance to the internal areas of Nova East, helping to control ambient sound and provide warmth and character to it's main entrance.

BCL wooden slatted ceilings at N2 Nova East

BCL's wooden slatted panels are being used with our CS-1 semi-fixed suspension grid, allowing access panels and integrated services - all prefabricated off-site and installed according to panel layouts and coordinated BIM models developed via approval process with the Architect & Main Contractor, which BCL provide as standard for all acoustic timber panelling

For more information on our timber slat panels, or acoustic timber ceilings, please contact us today on 01189 344 155.