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Alpha Panels

Alpha Panels by BCL Timber

At BCL our most advanced system is our Alpha acoustic panels. Designed specifically to achieve the highest acoustic performance whilst also providing complete design flexibility with a range of over 50 species, fabric colours and design options. This open configurable system displays a significant advancement that no other Class A panel can offer and is ideal for atriums, halls, or any capacity where sound absorption is required.


Two of the most important factors when considering the Alpha system is the open area between each panel and insulation. As sound travels, it can be absorbed by the space between timber slats – meaning the larger the open area, the better the noise reduction, therefore providing a superior acoustic performance. Insulation thickness (50mm for Class A) and the material of choice will also have a direct effect on the acoustics. Generally, the denser the pad, the higher the level of performance. Timber species is also worth bearing in mind, with softwoods such as Western Red Cedar being a natural sound absorber, which in some cases may work slightly better than hardwoods such as Oak.

As with any BCL panel system, the timber can be treated with a fire resistant lacquer or impregnation to achieve up to Euro Class B. Our timber species range from European Softwoods to Tropical Hardwoods, which can then be placed on our recycled insulation options and beautiful Camira acoustic fabrics that come in over 40 colours.



Introducing Red Grandis

Red Grandis: The Oak Alternative

Oak is a very popular species choice for acoustic timber panels here at BCL. It is the most widely used internal timber in the UK due to its high quality, historic background and easy matching in the veneer market. However, in recent years this has led to an ‘over-demand’ pushing the price of solid Oak up further and further, making it one of the most expensive commercially available species on the market today.

The problem is that substituting alternate species for Oak is a tricky task – its fine, straight grain, rarely seen in other species makes matching to Oak veneers and other joinery components difficult. Thankfully there is a little known species that is almost identical in grain and texture, which can be stained to match Oak at a fraction of the cost.



Also known as Eucalyptus Grandis and Rose Gum, Red Grandis grows between 40-70 metres high in just 20-30 years, making it a highly sustainable species, compared to Oak’s 50-75 years. It is durable (Class 2-3) and has a natural resistance to fungi meaning this timber can be used for both internal and external applications. Red Grandis’ low density makes it perfect for panel systems and maximising panel sizes.

Naturally a light red to pink, this straight grained hardwood is easy to treat and stain, allowing you to create a cost effective panel system identical to Oak. All Red Grandis is 100% FSC Certified, scoring you maximum BREEAM points with a complete chain of custody.



Density (kg/m3)

Janka Hardness

FSC / PEFC Certified




Age of Full Maturity

EU Oak





Very High


30-50 Years

American White Oak







20-50 Years

Red Grandis






South America

20-30 Years


Cost per m2

% Difference

EU Oak


+34% More Expensive

American White Oak


+14% More Expensive

Red Grandis



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Progress Update on Warrington Square

Progress Update on Warrington Square

Progress update from BCL on our work at Warrington Square. Led by Vinci Construction and Leach Rhodes Walker Architects, BCL are providing a supply and fix of FAS Grade American White Oak acoustic timber panels over black acoustic fabric for the external walls.


All panels have been impregnated with fire protection to achieve class 1 SSF which will require no future maintenance and are being fitted using our secret fixing system, to achieve a smooth contemporary finish. As per every BCL system we work to ensure everything is completed to the highest standard.

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished result.



For more like this, take a look at our Projects Page.

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