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National Memorial Arboretum

National Memorial Arboretum

BCL ‘Pre-weathered’ Timber cladding system chosen for £15.7M NMA Transformation

BCL has recently been selected by Stepnell Construction & Glen Howells Architects to deliver over 1,500sqm of Siberian Larch walls & ceilings at the National Memorial Arboretum ( in Staffordshire. The new remembrance centre sees a thorough transformation of the space, increasing its teaching capacity from 10,000 to up to 25,000 school children per year and a modern upgrade of the café and circulation spaces.

A unique feature of the timber panel system is the application of a ‘pre-weathering’ grey stain, mimicking the appearance of grey timber. This treatment will mean that despite the system having various sections of UV exposed and fully shaded areas, with some fully internal, there will be very little colour change across the building during it’s lifetime, minimising any signs of ageing. An important feature given the timeless and unfading memorial that the building serves to achieve.

The client, The Royal British Legion, plans to open the building to the public in May and allow full access to the new centre and the nearly 300 statues, artworks and memorials around the unique site. BCL is  very proud to be part of this important project and to have the opportunity in adding value to a lasting tribute to the men & women of our National Service.

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