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A2-s2,d0 Fire Rated Panels Now Available!

BCL have now gained full EN13501-1 classification of our Aluminium TIMBER EFFECT fire resistant wood panel systems for walls & ceilings. This ground-breaking panel offering uses a unique polyurethane coating system to create realistic finishes for both internal & external use – ideal for any non-combustible regulatory scenarios such as London Underground Stations, large concourses subject to BS:9999 or external cladding for residential and institutional buildings over 18+ metres.

One key benefit of using Aluminium with heat cured coatings is their exceptional durability in both external and high moisture conditions. By avoiding glues or any other additional binders / resins, the BCL Aluminium TIMBER EFFECT system is able to withstand external exposure and provide a 10 year colour warranty on its initial finish, with only very minimal UV fading over the expected 40+ year service life, with zero maintenance – providing the ideal fireproof cladding solution for large commercial projects.

 Ali Slat

In addition to significantly enhanced colour longevity and fire performance, the BCL ‘TIMBER EFFECT’ system also offers a zero movement, lower cost solution for large sections or spans over traditional solid wood. The inherent dimensional stability and strength of Aluminium significantly reduces risk of distortion and some of the issues that can be seen in solid wood if its equilibrium moisture content stays elevated above 30% for a prolonged period. Therefore, in many project scenarios, a BCL faux wood panel system will provide a more practical, lower cost and better performing solution over traditional timber.