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Fire Performance of Timber Wall Panels: An Overview


When it comes to major construction projects, using high-quality materials is essential to ensure the safety and durability of the structure. The best way to be sure of this is by using tried, tested and certified products.

Our pre-tested wooden panels for wooden slatted walls are specially designed to meet the requirements of the European Standard EN1350-1, which ensures that they meet strict quality and safety standards in relation to fire performance.

EN13501-1 uses a classification system based on a combination of fire resistance, smoke production, and flaming droplets/particles. The results of the tests are used to classify materials into different Euroclasses ranging from A1 (non-combustible) to F (materials that have no classifiable performance).

This means that when using our timber slatted walls, builders and contractors can be assured of their compliance with regulations and fire safety, reducing the risk of fire-related injuries and fatalities.

Bicester Progress

Aside from compliance and safety, using BCL's acoustic timber walls can also help reduce waste in construction projects. This is because our wood panelling is manufactured to precise specifications, which means that there is little to no material waste during the manufacturing process. Additionally, because they are pre-tested and meet strict quality standards, there is less likelihood of material waste during the construction process due to the need for rework or replacement.

Another advantage of using BCL's timber cladding system is that we are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means that the timber used in these slatted panels comes from responsibly managed forests, and that the entire production process is environmentally sustainable.

Finally, using BCL's wood cladding panels offer designers and builders a great deal of flexibility when it comes to design. These timber slat panels come in a range of sizes and finishes, allowing for creative freedom and the ability to tailor the design to the specific needs of the project.

In conclusion, using BCL's EN1350-1 pre-tested slatted timber panels for major construction projects is an excellent choice for architects, contractors, and stakeholders alike. These wood slat panels offer compliance and safety assurances, waste reduction, FSC certification, and design flexibility. By choosing our wood panelling, you will ensure that their projects meet high-quality standards while also promoting sustainability and creativity.

For more information on how you can incorporate BCL’s many benefits into your next project, please contact us today on 01189 344 155.