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Easily Specify Acoustic Wood Ceilings Online NOW! 


BCL have now launched our Online Specification Portal for Timber Ceilings, which provides a fast and convenient way to develop your timber slat ceilings or external wooden soffits spec with the full support of BCL's design & spec department. Simply fill out the online questionnaire with as much information as possible and BCL will check and formalise your wooden slatted ceiling system specification to ensure you meet you all design & performance requirements easily with an accurate Technical Spec with full material Analysis (including Recycled content).  

BCL wooden slatted ceilings at Haberdasher Askes school

We also have Online specification portals for wooden slatted walls, allowing you to specify beautiful acoustic wood panels for walls & ceilings in one easy to use tool. 

We also have the same online specification portal for our wood cladding panels for external timber cladding systems.

To find out more on BCL timber slatted panels and acoustic wood panelling, feel free to call us today on 01189 344155.