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bcl logo graphicConfigure Your BCL Panel System In Our Design Centre

Configure your BCL panel system, selecting your timber species, fabric colour and acoustic performance to create unique walls and ceilings that are tailored to your design and performance requirements.

Timber Species

  • BCL offers over 50+ timber species from all over the world, including modified and enhanced timbers.
  • For further guidance on species selection for your project, please contact us directly.

Download Timber Species PDF

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Fabric Colour

  • For internal systems choose from our premium Pantone colour range or standard monochrome fabrics to creat unique statements in colour.
    • For external systems where you have gaps in between your timber slats you have the choice of our standard monochrome fabrics (in certain situations) or black UV resistant breather membranes. Please contact BCL for more information.

 Download Premium colour range 
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Slat Dimensions

  • Choose your slat size from any of our standard dimensions:
  • 19, 25, 44, 69, 94, 119 & 144mm

Timber Profiles

  • We have a range of timber profiles that can be used depending on whether your slats are ‘open’ with gaps in between, like our acoustic panels or ‘closed’ with the slats overlapping, typically used for external cladding.

Acoustic Class/Gap

  • BCL panels can achieve the very highest acoustic performance. The larger the open area (gap between slats) the greater the acoustic performance. You can decide your gap based on performance or simply what you would like to see.
  •  The precentage of open area dictates the acoustic class a system can achieve;

    • 40% or over = Class A
    • 30% to 39% = Class B
    • 20% to 29% = Class C
    • 10% to 19% = Class D

To calculate the open area of your panel system, please download our acoustic calculator 

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Please contact us now to discuss your acoustic requirements further;


  • BCL offer a range of treatment options for both internal and external applications. These include:
    • Class 1/0 SSF impregnation (no coating)
    • Class 1/0 lacquer (clear or pigmented)
    • UV resistant lacquer (clear, matt)
    • Anti-bacterial lacquer (clear, gloss)
    • Anti-graffiti coating (clear, gloss)
    • Decorative coating (any colour opaque or translucent)
    • Timber charring
    • Sacrificial grey stain (minimising colour change of timber)

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