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With BCL acoustic timber panels, you can configure your own panel designs, choosing from a huge range of species, colours and coatings, to create truly unique walls and ceilings that are tailored to your exact design and performance requirements. 

Choose from…

  • 50+ Timber species
  • 3500+ Fabric colours (any Pantone colour)
  • Acoustic Classes D – A
  • Slat dimensions: 19, 25, 44, 69, 94, 119 & 144mm
  • Class 1/0 Fire protection
  • Specialist treatments / coatings

Or for high performance scenarios, choose from our Class A range of 'αlpha panels'

Compared to traditional installation methods, BCL panel systems allow timber walls and ceilings to be delivered in a more modern and efficient way, aligning with today’s building standards and short programmes. They offer more design flexibility, provide more consistent quality and dramatically reduce installation time and waste, helping to significantly lower costs.


  • High natural & recycled content
  • Secret Fixings
  • Lower Embedded Energy  (compared to MDF, HPL and other veneered acoustic panels)
  • Flexible design & panel sizes
  • Large reduction in waste
  • Greater Control of Quality
  • Reductions in Installation Time & On-site Prelims